Roth Wood Products 40 Years
Sunset Dream Remodel 2010, Los Gatos

We are excited that another sucessful Sunset Remodel is complete! 
Thank you to all who supported us and Sunset and took a tour of this beautiful home. If you didn't get a chance to walk through it, enjoy the photos below.

Sunset_2010/sun2010_9.gif Sunset_2010/sun2010_8.gif Sunset_2010/sun2010_7.gif Sunset_2010/sun2010_6.gif
Sunset_2010/sun2010_5.gif Sunset_2010/sun2010_4.gif Sunset_2010/sun2010_3.gif Sunset_2010/sun2010_2.gif
Sunset_2010/sun2010_1.gif Sunset_2010/2010_sun_kitchen.jpg Sunset_2010/2010_sun_bath.jpg

For more information about this remodel,
visit the Sunset Website!